Antler carving
bone carving's
knives and Horns.

look at all the thing you can do with your antler besides mounting them . All antlers can be carved on and made into something. I am always trying to carve new things and trying to carve something that you would like. I really enjoy carving on moose antlers or fallow I like to really make the image look 3d.  I can put most any picture on the palm of the antler.  So as long as the picture fits  and it is a side profile which works best  I would love to try it.

I can also do scrimshaw on your larger antlers as seen on the elk sheds and the moose antler.  Scrimshaw is a lost art of sailors so i thought i should learn how since i was a sailor. I enjoy making cribbage boards from elk antlers and scrimshawing a picture on it.

most of the antlers show below are for sale.******


You can always Email me for more details.

this is for sale.

 for the stand it is the tip of a red stag.

dragon carving
on moose antler

i entered this piece
 into the creative arts competition
 at the minneapolis VA. got 3rd place.

moose antler carving of
 wolves and some crows.
this is for sale for $325.00

moose antler carving
of a white tail deer

moose antler carving.

moose being stalked by a wolf.

this is for sale

moose antler carving
horseman and 2 pack horses


moose antler

deer and horseman tracker.


 moose antler carving.
it has 2 carvings both are eagles.
it is ruffly 24"x17"

moose antler carving
wolf with owl and full moon

this is the tip of a massive red stag,,,,,
i carved a scene of two red stags on it
these are really hard to come by especially  this big.

Eagle head carved on a moose antler

eagle carving
 on a
 moose antler 

this is for sale

this is a very large fallow antler,,,
 with a grizzly bear carving on it.

eagle head on moose antler.
around 24" x 16"
this is $300.00

moose battle

got 3rd place at the 2014
Minneapolis veterans creative arts show.

bull moose battle


this has some very fragile parts.

elk burr carvings .          these are the only 3 that are available.
they are hard to come by.
so when available they are.

this was done for a customer.

this is a white tail deer antler

i did this for a customer
for his son's 40th B-day.

it has some carving and some scrimshaw in it.
glad he loved it.

made this for a customer.
it is his logo.

cribbage boards are made from elk, moose, or fallow antlers this will determine

the price and value of the board.   prices range from $35 to 75.00 dollars.

cribbage boards are not always available so the best thing to do is

email and ask me if any are available.